Cinema Studies


Cinema Studies research areas:
• Women and film
• French New Wave
• Queer Theory
• Theatricality in Film
• Documentary and the essay film
• Earthquakes and film
• Film history, theory and criticism
• Time, memory and exile in film
• Contemporary world cinema
• The concept of national cinema
• New Zealand Film
• Coming of Age in Global Cinema

The classes offered within the Cinema Studies programme reflect the research interests of the academic staff.  Dr Wright has edited a collection of essays, Film on the Faultline (Intellect; 2015) and also convenes a course, "Film on the Faultline," that draws upon the work of film scholars and filmmakers from Argentina, Chile, Japan, Korea, Iran, Turkey, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, who contributed to the edited volume.

We continue to offer our popular 300-level class on the nouvelle vague and other "new wave" movements of the 1960s.  Dr Wiles published an auteur study of French New Wave director, Jacques Rivette (2012), which is part of the Contemporary Directors Series published by the University of Illinois Press.  Critic Jonathan Rosenbaum comments, "A very useful and thoughtful book. In this critical study of Jacques Rivette, Mary M. Wiles situates Rivette within many strands of French culture and makes his films more legible.  Wiles’s discussion is well-informed, provocative, suggestive, and reliable, and her fanaticism about Rivette is contagious." She is also introducing a new course, "Coming of Age in Global Cinema," that draws upon her research on this important subgenre.


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