Geological Sciences


Much of the research in the department is of a collaborative nature involving staff or groups of staff working with postgraduate students, senior fellows and research associates within and outside the Department. There is significant external collaboration with international colleagues, local and federal government agencies, and other research institutions.

This pattern of working has come about from the recognition that a multifaceted or multidisciplinary approach provides a more powerful tool for geological research. The pattern has also been strongly influenced by the change in funding mechanisms available in New Zealand and the trend towards programme-orientated research.

The Department of Geological Sciences has the following collaborative research programmes:
- Active Tectonics and Landscape Evolution
- Climate Change Research
- Geological Hazards
- Pacific Rim Tectonics
- Environmental Geochemistry
- Engineering Geology and Applied Hydrogeology
- Volcanic Geology of the Taupo Volcanic Zone and Banks Peninsula
- Continental Extensional Tectonics
- Geophysical Applications
- Ecology and Evolution of NZ & other Southern Hemisphere Fossil Biotas
- Geoarchaeology and Forensic Geology

Research Groups

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