Optical Oxygen Sensor


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Equipment Summary

The Microx 4 is a completely stand-alone, portable fiber optic oxygen meter. It can be used with non-invasive sensors & probes (1 mm fiber), and oxygen microsensors (200 µm fiber) in different designs. This oxygen meter is compatible with the wide range of sensors type PSt7 (detection limit 15 ppb, 0 – 100 % oxygen).

With its integrated barcode reader the Microx 4 can easily recognize and assign calibration data to sensors in just one scan. The implemented sensor management system allows storing data of up to 100 sensors. Microx 4 has 16 GB internal memory which allows prolonged computer-independent operation. It is delivered with the PreSens Datamanager software: sensor, user and measurement data is easily transferred between the PC and the oxygen meter. The data management and easy data export will facilitate and speed up your analysis.

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