Origins of New Zealand English Project (ONZE)

Research Group Summary

The Origins of New Zealand English (ONZE) Project endeavours to chart the origins, features and changes of New Zealand English (NZE), and to apply the findings to theories of language and language change. With a strong emphasis on acoustic analysis, sociolinguistic variation and speech perception, the project continues to make relevant and important contributions to the linguistic community, as well as documenting an important aspect of New Zealand’s society and identity.

The ONZE Project is research project based in the Department of Linguistics at  the University of Canterbury. It is currently funded by the University of Canterbury and the Marsden Project.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Joan Bresnan: Member; Department of Linguistics, Stanford University
  • Gerard Docherty: Member; School of Education Communication and Language Sciences, Newcastle University
  • Peter Trudgill: Member; School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies, University of East Anglia
  • Paul Warren: Member; School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

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