Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management

Research Group Summary

The Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management was established as a joint partnership between Canterbury and Lincoln Universities. It is the first such centre to be established in any New Zealand university. It was the outcome of consultation with the Department of Labour, Environment Canterbury and other major stakeholders and agencies involved in water resource management and research in the Canterbury region. In a rapidly changing landscape of regional and national policy and decisions relating to water management, the need for coordination of research and teaching effort was clear.

The Centre offers qualifications in water resource issues and their management, with Masters and PhD research feeding into priority themes highlighted by water organisations and stakeholders.

The Waterways Centre is made up a small group of core staff who run the Centre, supported by a multi-disciplinary group of approx. 50 academic researchers with expertise in freshwater issues, drawn from both Universities. Postgraduate students of the Waterways Centre members make up a large freshwater research group. More information is available on the Waterways website: www.waterways.ac.nz

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Gail Tipa: Researcher; Ngai Tahu

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