Wireless Research Centre (WRC)

Research Group Summary

The Wireless Research Centre (WRC) is located within NZi3, the national New Zealand ICT hub based at the University of Canterbury. Within this innovative environment WRC is responsible for driving research and innovation within the field of wireless communication.

WRC’s purpose is to secure the continuing presence of a strong and successful industry knowledge base in wireless communications in New Zealand.  The key goals of the Centre are to assist NZ industry by de-risking the early stages of product development in the wireless space, and by providing innovative wireless solutions for niche applications tailored to the specific needs of industry partners.  The Centre plays a key role in maintaining NZ expertise at the forefront of international telecommunications research and development through impactful research measured by economic impact, publications, and patents.

The Centre has extensive knowledge and experience working with emerging wireless standards, including the 3GPP/LTE cellular (mobile phone) family of standards, local area and personal-area networks.  Specific technologies of expertise include multi-antenna systems (MIMO), error control coding, diversity systems, relaying, scheduling, and the application of combinations of wireless and geospatial technologies.

WRC’s vision is to be a world class centre of excellence in wireless communications which produces industry led research and high calibre scientists and engineers.

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