Spatial Engineering Research Centre (SERC)

Research Group Summary

SERC addresses the engineering problems of modern day navigation, and remote sensing geo-referenced data collection. Investigations into the linkages between positioning and data collection is the fundamental baseline for many geospatial sciences, and new ways to navigate in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) starved environments is essential for complete geographic data coverage.

The SERC team is a multi disciplinary force of engineers who specialise in wireless systems, global navigation satellite systems, computer machine vision and inertial navigation.

Based in NZi3, SERC supports geospatial science research in conjunction with industry, other universities and UC students, as well as providing commercial remote sensing services to large and small companies. The centre was founded in 2009 from the Geospatial Research Centre NZ Ltd, and has been the mainstay of geospatial engineering research for UC since 2006.

Amongst its many areas of work, SERC specialises in photogrammetry and aerial photography, with aerial thermal imaging being a special interest for the group. Its navigation-engineering skills enable indoor navigation research and the design and control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

SERC contributes towards teaching the Masters in GIS program, supervises final year, international interns, Masters and PhD students as well as participating in a high school outreach programme to encourage students to take up a career in Geospatial Engineering.

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