UC Quake Centre (UCQC)

Research Group Summary

The UC Quake Centre is a dynamic partnership between the New Zealand Government, the University of Canterbury, and several leading industry groups, all working together in the engineering sector to provide world-class knowledge, research and solutions to seismic issues.

The UC Quake Centre focuses on training and fostering expertise, supporting and encouraging the best professional practices, keeping individuals and groups informed about ongoing work and research within the sector, identifying the levels of risk facing communities, and looking at ways to provide new and innovative solutions in response to those risks.

The Quake Centre is committed using the unique events in Christchurch’s recent history to inform their research and recommendations for the future, and ultimately providing proven solutions which help to make individuals, businesses, governments and communities stronger after earthquakes have occurred.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

  • Greg Preston: Manager of Research and Education; Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Subject Area: Disciplines

  • Engineering and Technology: Civil