New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies (NZCHAS)

Research Group Summary

NZCHAS brings together scholars from the humanities and social sciences whose research is concerned with the conceptual and material treatment of nonhuman animals in culture, society and history. Hosted by Canterbury University 's School of Culture , Literature and Society, the Centre includes members across New Zealand who have expertise in cultural studies, literary studies, political science, sociology, architecture, the visual arts and Māori studies. Our International Associates include a number of scholars recognised as world leaders in human-animal studies, and the Centre is affiliated with primary overseas institutions and networks in this field.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Steve Baker: Associate; University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • Jonathan Balcombe: Associate; Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, USA
  • Peter Beatson: Associate; Massey University
  • Marc Bekoff: Associate; University of Colorado, USA
  • Rebecca Bishop: Associate; Massey University
  • Sally Borrell: Associate; Middlesex University, UK
  • Deidre Brown: Associate; University of Auckland
  • Jonathan Burt: Associate; UK
  • Carol Freeman: Associate; University of Tasmania, Australia
  • Erica Fudge: Associate; Middlesex University, UK
  • Carol Gigliotti: Associate; Emily Carr Institute, Canada
  • Donna Haraway: Associate; University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
  • George Jacobs: Associate; Singapore
  • Alphonso Lingis: Associate; Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Randy Malamud: Associate; Georgia State University, USA
  • Susan McHugh: Associate; University of New England, USA
  • Michael Morris: Associate; Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
  • Mary Murray: Associate; Massey University
  • Babette Pütz: Associate; Victoria University of Wellington
  • Peter Sankoff: Associate; University of Auckland
  • Angela Singer: Associate; Freelance
  • Nicola Taylor: Associate; Central Queensland University, Australia
  • Helen Tiffin: Associate; University of Tasmania, Australia
  • Yvette Watt: Associate; University of Tasmania

Associated Projects

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