The Movement Pedagogy Research Hub

Research Group Summary

The Movement Pedagogy Research Hub focuses on inquiry-based pedagogical approaches, which enhance learning in, through and about movement. It comprises research in sport coaching, physical education curriculum and pedagogy, higher education teaching, outdoor education, dance, recreation, and movement in all its forms. The research undertaken in the hub is grounded in practice and aims to understand the ways people learn through movement, the holistic nature of persons, sport pedagogy and physical education curriculum reform. While concerned with bicultural matters for New Zealand the hub has a global vision and profile with a number of researchers enjoying strong international recognition. The hub is committed to the development and promotion of innovative approaches to teaching and coaching and invites high profile international scholars to lead seminars and collaborate in far-reaching research. It will host the 2015 Game Sense for Coaching and Teaching Conference. The hub’s scholarly activity includes leading edge research into athlete-centred, holistic, evidence-based approaches used in the sports coaching program. This work transpires in international contexts and across a diverse range of sports, ages, and abilities from children’s sport in schools and clubs to the highest levels of international sport. Researchers produce high quality, widely cited outputs that have a significant influence on research, theory and practice in the fields within which they are conducted.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Christina Curry: Researcher; University of Western Sydney, Australia
  • John Evans: Researcher; University of Sydney, Australia
  • Carlos Gonclaves: Researcher; Coimbra University, Portugal
  • Stephen Harvey: Researcher; West Virginia University, USA
  • Alain Mouchet: Researcher; Université Paris est Creteil, France
  • Shane Pill: Researcher; Flinders University, Australia
  • Naoki Suzuki: Researcher; Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan
  • Wataru Yasaki: Researcher; Tokyo University of Science, Japan


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