Digital Health

Research Group Summary

The Digital Health Research group conducts original research highlighting the role of technology in delivering health care, supporting self-care and well-being.
Globally, healthcare faces significant challenges such as growing and ageing population, exponential increase in chronic disease, rising costs and demand for services. Digital health utilises a broad range of technologies and applications to support the collection, analysis, managing and sharing of health information. Digital Health has the potential to support multiple stakeholders to improve health delivery outcomes and change behaviour. It also has its own challenges. More research is needed to examine and understand the needs and impact of digital healthcare solutions.

Research projects in the group include but are not limited to the following themes:
• The role of technology in health seeking behaviour
• Applications of AI and machine learning in healthcare
• Behaviour changing digital interventions and technology
• Participation in telehealth solutions and its impact
• Use of digital health technologies by individuals, communities, and organizations
• Older adults’ wellbeing
• Impacts of digital health on people and society
• Personalized health technologies (including wearables, insideables) and impacts on people
• Emerging health technologies
• Negative impacts of digital technologies on health & wellbeing
• Information Privacy, and trust/distrust in Health IT

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Ernest Adu: Independent Researcher; University of Canterbury
  • Yvonne Gumbo: Reesarcher; University of Canterbury
  • Kevin Huang: Researcher; University of Canterbury
  • Daniel Leisinger: Researcher; Christchurch DHB
  • Kulani Sumanasekera: Researcher; University of Canterbury
  • Susan Zhu: Researcher; Independent Researcher

Subject Area: Disciplines

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

(Selected outputs for last six years)
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