IT, People and Organisations

Research Group Summary

The IT, People and Organisations Research Group is passionate about research related to the uptake, use and impacts that digital/information technology is having on organisations, society and people -- its benefits, its potentials and its challenges.

Digital Transformation describes the profound impacts, changes and opportunities that digital technology, digitisation (conversion to digital form), and digitalisation (the process) are bringing to businesses, society/cultures and people.  It describes the integration of digital technology into all aspects of businesses, society, and how people live and interact. It is about doing things differently in an increasingly connected world that is changing rapidly with accelerating developments in analytics, big data, AI -applications, and other emerging technologies.

Digital transformation can be disruptive - think about the digital human, augmented reality/holoportation, etc. Organizations are experimenting with rapidly developing new and emerging technologies/'hot' trends (e.g. virtual assistants, Virtual/Augmented Reality, powerful analytics, IoT, blockchain, AI/machine learning, identity management, location services etc) - there is an ocean of possibilities, an ocean of opportunities, and an ocean of challenges (e.g. data privacy, security and sovereignty issues, cultural challenges, etc).

Interested in digital transformation, digital disruption/disruptive technologies -- come and join us!

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Ernest Adu: Researcher; University of Canterbury
  • Nidhi Tewari: Researcher; University of Canterbury
  • Phuong Tran: Researcher; Independent

Associated Projects

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Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

(Selected outputs for last six years)
  • Mills A. and Sahi N. (2019) An Empirical Study of Home User Intentions towards Computer Security. In Proceedings HICSS 2019 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. (Conference Contributions - Published)
  • Mills A. and Zheng Z. (2019) The Future of Identity Management: Understanding Consumer Attitudes towards Biometric Identification. In Proceedings: CONF-IRM 2019: 7. (Conference Contributions - Published)
  • Adu E., Mills A. and Todorova N. (2018) Drivers of Personal Health Information Privacy Concerns among Individuals in Developing Countries: A Conceptual Model. In Proceedings GLOBDEV2018. (Conference Contributions - Published)
  • Zhang J., Mills A. and Todorova N. (2017) Emergency Notification on Mobile Devices – A Trade -off between Protection Motivation and Privacy Concern. In Proceedings of ACIS 2017: 9. (Conference Contributions - Published)
  • Adu E., Mills A. and Todorova N. (2017) The Digitization of Healthcare: Understanding Personal Health Information Disclosure by Consumers in Developing Countries - An Extended Privacy Calculus Perspective. In Proceedings of ACIS 2017: 9. (Conference Contributions - Published)