Data Privacy & Security (DPS)

Research Group Summary

Just because you can -- does not mean that you ought... or does it??

The Information Privacy, Security & Ethics (IPSE) research group aims to explore innovations and key issues related to the socio-behavioral aspects of personal information/data privacy and security, and ethics. While extensive research has and is being carried out on the technology side, less attention is paid to the people. This is especially concerning given that many of the issues related to information /data privacy and security are impacted by people, whether the actions are intentional or not. On the one hand, people have a significant responsibility for protecting and ensuring the security of the information systems that they use. At the same time, the increased connectivity and ubiquity of today's systems challenge the notion of privacy preservation. Indeed  privacy and security and ethics are at the heart of IS that we all use and interact with.

Key Contact

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Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Ernest Adu: Researcher; University of Canterbury

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