Digital Education Futures Lab (DeFL)

Research Group Summary

The Digital Education Futures Lab is informed by the exploration of how “the digital” can be effectively integrated into education and the conditions (enablers) needed for this to be relevant, meaningful and accessible to everyone (through foregrounding equity, wellbeing, open practices etc.)

The Lab's name drawn from the following themes:

* Digital:  any device/tool (e.g. mobiles and virtual reality headsets), systems (the internet, social media), and processes (games, VR, AR, AI) that are digitally mediated.

* Education: the process of teaching or learning in any way that is digitally mediated including Technology-Enhanced, Flexible, Blended, Online, Virtual, Distance, Remote; across any sector in which learning happens; formal (schools, tertiary, training); and informal (lifelong learning, MOOCs, connected learning); drawing in new ways of learning, and inclusive policies, including open digital pedagogies.

* Futures: interrogating the purpose of technology for education through the adoption of a critical lens which problematizes the role of digital technology in our past, present and future educational contexts and better prepare youth for the changeable future of work.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Subject Area: Disciplines


Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

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