Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group (ICTG)

Research Group Summary

Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group (ICTG) was established in 1998 for research in the area of Artificial Intelligence in Education. The focus of the group is on Student Modeling. We have implemented several constraint-based ITSs, which have been thoroughly evaluated. We are currently developing ASPIRE, an authoring system for developing constraint-based ITSs. Some of other current projects in the group concentrate on supporting meta-cognitive skills and collaborative learning in our tutors.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Nilufar Baghaei: Researcher; UC
  • Devon Barrow: Researcher; UC
  • Dandi Duan: Researcher; UC
  • Jay Holland: Researcher; UC
  • Moffat Mathews: Researcher; UC
  • Nancy Milik: Researcher; UC
  • Amanda Nicholas: Researcher; UC
  • Pramuditha Suraweera: Researcher; UC
  • David Thomson: Researcher; UC
  • Amali Weerasinghe: Researcher; UC
  • Konstantin Zakharov: Researcher; UC

Associated Projects

Subject Area: Disciplines

  • Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Sciences: Computer Science