Active Tectonics and Landscape Evolution

Research Group Summary

Established in 1988, this programme is focused on investigating structural, tectonic and tectonic geomorphic processes operating in the wider plate boundary deformation zone of New Zealand.

The main objectives are:
- To research new ways of documenting the structural styles and quantifying rates of active earth movements
- To investigate the geomorphic evolution of fault-driven landscapes and model the way this influences upper crustal fault zone architecture and the associated geomorphic response to deformation
- To investigate climatic, lithologic, structural and tectonic controls on the occurrence of large deep-seated bedrock landslides in the East Coast North Island soft rock terrain, and assess their role with respect to sediment flux variations and landscape evolution
- Morphostructural evolution of active margin Forearc basins
- Modeling submarine landscape evolution in response to subduction processes

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Phil Barnes: Collaborator; NIWA, Wellington
  • John Beauchamp Berrill: Contributor; Retired
  • Kate Bodger: PhD student; UC
  • Jocelyn Karen Campbell: Programme leader; n/a
  • Dyk Eusden: Collaborator; Bates College, USA
  • Michael Finnemore: Contributor; n/a
  • Jim McKean: Collaborator; US Forest Service, USA
  • Josh Mountjoy: PhD student; UC
  • Andrew Nicol: Collaborator; GNS, Lower Hutt
  • Jean-Noel Proust: Collaborator; CNRS, Universite de Rennes 1-France
  • Josh Roering: Collaborator; University of Oregon, USA
  • Phil Tonkin: Contributor; n/a

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