Canterbury Sleep Programme (CSP)

Research Group Summary

The Canterbury Sleep Programme (CSP) runs across the Health Sciences Centre and the Psychology Department.

It began in 1981 in response to needs expressed by parents in the community. These parents were distressed by sleep problems in their infants and young children but professionals seemed unable to advise them about management.

From an initial narrow focus on intervention, the research programme has broadened to include investigations of infant (0-24 months) sleep development and prevention of sleep problems.

Although sleep may seem a restricted area we consider it important enough to justify years of research. Not only is it one of the first major concerns that parents report but it is also a set of behaviours which develop subject to clear physiological components as well as to environmental influences.

We have developed models to describe the interaction of variables such as infant temperament, infant sleep-state-organisation and parental practices which our research is now testing.

The CSP has produced two Ph.D. theses, seven Master's theses/dissertations and a number of published papers. It has also attracted research funding.

Students with an interest in child development and behavioural principles or family interventions can be accommodated in a variety of ways.

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