Communications Research Group (UCCRG)

Research Group Summary

The Communications Research Group (UCCRG) is one of the largest research groups in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as in the university.

UCCRG is engaged in a very active programme of research primarily in wireless communications. Projects under way include work on advanced coding and modulation, adaptive receivers and equalisers, space-time processing and coding, smart antenna systems, sigma delta techniques and radio frequency filtering structures. Both theoretical and practical projects are available or can be developed depending on the interests of staff and students.

UCCRG has significant financial support from the Public Good Science Fund. In addition, it is actively collaborating with several New Zealand companies and with Industrial Research Ltd. (IRL), a government research agency, on a number of projects.

UCCRG is active in research in many facets of communications, the primary areas of interest include:

- Algebraic Coding Theory
- Geometric Coding Theory
- Optimum and Sub-Optimum Reduced Complexity Receiver Design
- Spread Spectrum Systems
- Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Algorithms and Systems Implementation
- Smart Antenna Systems
- Space-Time Processing
- Space-Time Coding
- Blind Adaptation
- High Speed Networks

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Jim Cavers: Adjunct Member; University of Canterbury
  • Mansoor Shafi: Adjunct Member; Telecom New Zealand
  • Peter Smith: Adjunct Member; Victoria University of Wellington

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