Computational Imaging Group (CIG)

Research Group Summary

The computational imaging group conducts research and provides postgraduate training in a variety of practical imaging applications. Much of the research is concerned with image reconstruction or image recovery: computing images of objects, scenes, internal structures, etc., from a variety of data. Although the strength of the group is in the theoretical and computational aspects of imaging, the focus is on practical applications, including the design of instrumentation (particularly acoustic and optical), data collection and computational implementation. The application areas are primarily in acoustic, astronomical, biophysical and biomedical imaging, and remote sensing. The group works with a number of national organisations and overseas research groups.

Research projects in the Computational Imaging Group fall into six areas:

- Acoustic imaging
- Biomedical imaging and signal processing
- Biophysical imaging
- Remote sensing
- Software for reconfigurable devices
- Astronomical imaging

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Richard George Lane: Member; N/A

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