Free Radical Biochemistry Laboratory

Research Group Summary

The Free Radical Biochemistry Laboratory was established in 1997 on the 6th floor of what was originally the Zoology Building. Under the supervision of Dr Steven Gieseg, a variety of students have researched the biological changes occurring in cells when they are exposed to damaging free radicals. Free radical damage has been implicated in many disease processes, from heart disease to cancer.

The laboratory research is focused on three major areas, free radical damage to cellular proteins, the role of the antioxidant 7,8 dihydroneopterin in inflammation, and the role of free radical damage in the development of vascular disease (heart disease and complications of diabetes). Using a range of biochemical and cell culture techniques the laboratory has made significant contributions to the understanding of free radical driven processes.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Zunika Amit: PhD Student; UC
  • Kevin Croft: Collaborator; University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Carole Anne Firth: PhD Student; UC
  • Jan Gebicki: Collaborator; Macquarie University, Australia
  • Mark Hampton: Collaborator; Christchurch School of Medicine
  • Marion Kappler: MSc; UC
  • Andrew Lang: Collaborator; Christchurch Hospital
  • Lena Jye Ling: MSc; UC
  • Adrienne Parks: MSc; UC
  • Justin Roake: Collaborator; Christchurch Hospital
  • Bret Shand: Collaborator; Christchurch Hospital
  • Wayne Sutherland: Collaborator; University of Otago
  • Nick P L Tuckey: PhD Student; UC
  • Tina Yang: MSc; UC

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