Industrial Aerodynamics and Wind Engineering Group

Research Group Summary

The Industrial Aerodynamics and Wind Engineering Group has a wide range of experience in fluid mechanics and operates a unique laboratory to support its study and research relating to industrial aerodynamics. It is responsive to the needs of New Zealand and encourages relevant projects from industry while undertaking more basic research with long term goals.

Current and recent research include:
-  Wind turbines for developing countries
-  Bicycle wheel aerodynamics
-  Aerodynamics at jet engine test cells
-  Stability of sink vortices
-  Car roof rack noise
-  Analysis and development of water jet intake
-  Field studies of waterjet-hull interactions
-  Computational fluid dynamics at arbitrary speed
-  Fundamental flying characteristics of kites
-  Quantification of airflows generated by rotating rollers in wool carding
-  Prediction of cavitation in turbo machinery
-  Windsurfer aerodynamics

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