Manufacturing Group

Research Group Summary

Most countries are now looking to manufacturing as the development path to a higher standard of living, so research is essential as competition continually increases. Dr David Aitchison specialises in manufacturing processes and technology, while Dr Malcolm Taylor focuses on automated manufacturing. This group maintains strong links with the other research groups, in particular the Design Group and the Robotics, Instrumentation and Control Group.

Current and recent research include:
- Computer-Aided Process Planning and Design of Fixtures and Dies
- Computer-Aided Tolerance Analysis
- Requirements for Integrating the Design and Production Functions
- Strategic Manufacturing Management
- Evaluation and Implementation of Innovation and New Technology
- Equipment Diagnosis and Maintenance Management
- Manufacturing System Dynamics
- Manufacturing Systems Design and Improvement
- Computer Control of Robotic Mechanisms
- Expert Systems in Management, Design and Teaching
- Flexible Automation
- Automated Manufacturing
- Laser based Inspection
- Virtual One-of-a-kind Production Planning and Control
- Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
- Minimisation of Trimloss
- Virtual Enterprise for Injection Mould/toolmaking
- Factory Floor Optimisation
- Rapid Response Tool Design and Manufacture
- Rapid Product Development for World Class Manufacturing
- Tolerance Based Reverse Engineering for Rapid, Quality Product Development
- Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Joseph David Bain: PhD Student; UC
  • Hadley Laurence Brooks: PhD Student; UC
  • Henry McCallion: Associate; N/A
  • Anton James Posthuma: PhD Student; UC

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