Nanostructure Engineering Science and Technology (NEST)

Research Group Summary

The forefront of much modern engineering and science research is at the scale of the smallest devices currently possible - in the range of nanometres. For engineers, the advantages of such small devices include increased speed and packing density, and novel functionality. For the scientist, working on such small scales reveals a range of exciting and unexpected fundamental phenomena.

Ideally engineering and scientific developments feed off each other: the NEST group performs advanced research in niche areas across the spectrum of applied engineering and basic science of nano-metre scale structures. The group focuses on fabrication and characterisation of nano-scale electronic, opto-electronic and micro/nanofluidic devices. To download a summary brochure of the group's research projects and facilities please follow this link (PDF file). NEST facilities are also used for outreach activities and undergraduate teaching in ENEL491 - Nano Engineered Electronic Devices.

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  • Paula Ann Brooksby: Postdoctoral Fellow; UC

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