National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE)

Research Group Summary

The National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) is a multi-disciplinary research centre that brings together undergraduates, graduates, post-doctoral fellows and academics from a wide range of academic disciplines to research and study the European Union and Europe-related issues and topics. The focus is inclusive and policy-driven, melding academic work with practical requirements.

The Centre also provides a wider societal role and serves as a key element in the EU's outreach within New Zealand and the Pacific. Raising a critical awareness of the EU, informing government, the media and public opinion all form an equally important part of the NCRE's function. The NCRE is funded by European Commission grants, the University of Canterbury and a variety of other external, project-based grants.

While the NCRE is based at the University of Canterbury, it has developed strong ties with other universities and European Studies academics around the country, ensuring that a range of activities and support measures have developed. In 2006 this network was formalized with a European Commission grant establishing the New Zealand European Centres Network a truly national network that includes seven out of the eight New Zealand Universities and which seeks to further enhance research, teaching and outreach on European Union and Europe-related issues and topics throughout New Zealand.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Lauren Bland: PhD Student; UC
  • Mathew John Doidge: Postdoctoral Research Fellow; UC
  • Cashias Gumbo: PhD Student; UC
  • Melanie Haworth: MA Student; UC
  • Rhiannon Jones: MA Student; UC
  • Lun Li: PhD Student; UC
  • Xiyin Liu: PhD Student; UC
  • Ran Lu: PhD Student; UC
  • Alexander Malkov: PhD Student; UC
  • Daviti Mtchedlishvili: PhD Student; UC
  • Finlay Palmer: MA Student; UC
  • Thomas Patterson: MA Student; UC
  • Lunyka Pertiwi: PhD Student; UC
  • Jagoda Srbinovska: PhD Student; UC
  • Liam Taylor: MA Student; UC
  • Viktor Velivchenko: PhD Student; UC
  • Charlotte Walker: MA Student; UC
  • Xiwen Wang: PhD Student; UC
  • Ying Yuan: PhD Student; UC

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