Power Systems Group

Research Group Summary

The Power Systems Group research areas include:

Power Quality
• Harmonic Domain Analysis
• Harmonic State Estimation and Observability
• Marginal Pricing of Harmonics
• Light Flicker due to Voltage fluctuations
• Power Conditioning

Computer Analysis of Power Systems
• Power-Flow AC/DC Three-phase
• Fault Analysis
• Electromagnetic Transient Analysis
• Mixed time-frame Analysis

Power Electronic Systems
• HVDC Transmission
• FACTS and Custom Devices
• Frequency Domain Modelling of Large Power Electronic Circuits
• Electric Vehicle
• Low Temperature Semiconductor

• Water Purification using High Voltage Electricity
• Live-line High Voltage Transducer
• High-temperature Super-conducting Transformer
• Linear Induction Motors
• High Voltage Phenonema (breakdown path of air)

• Deregulated electricity market performance evaluation
• Network Operation Optimisation

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Emeritus Professor Pat Bodger: Member; University of Canterbury
  • Hamish Duncan Laird: Member; N/A

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