Stirling Cycle Research Group

Research Group Summary

Stirling Cycle machines are among the most efficient practical heat engines ever built.

The Stirling Cycle Research Group believes that Stirling machinery is a superior replacement for the existing technology currently used in many situations, for example: remote area power supply, small-scale domestic co-generation schemes, most heat-pump applications, and some refrigeration applications.

It is the intention of this group to do fundamental research into Stirling-cycle thermodynamics, but also (unlike many other groups with research interests in this area) to use the results of our research to develop practical machinery at a prototype level, with a view to commercial use in the real world.

We are happy to undertake Stirling R&D projects (including full machine prototype development) for commercial clients, as long as it does not conflict with our obligations to existing customers or research partners.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

  • Kenneth Brown: Technical Officer; Mechanical Engineering
  • Eric William Cox: Technical Officer; Mechanical Engineering
  • Michael Gschwendtner: Postdoctoral Researcher; Mechanical Engineering
  • Alan Sinclair Tucker: Group leader; Mechanical Engineering

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Alan Caughley: Adjunct Researcher; Industrial Research Ltd
  • Don Clucas: Adjunct Member; WhisperTech Ltd
  • David Haywood: Adjunct Researcher; Industrial Research Ltd
  • John Raine: Emeritus Consultant; Massey University

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