Wood Technology Research Centre

Research Group Summary

The Wood Technology Research Centre at the University of Canterbury was fully established at the end of 1996 as a means of information exchange among staff engaged in wood-related research, to facilitate the shared use of research facilities, enhance research programmes and to promote technology transfer to end users. Staff from four Engineering Departments (Chemical and Process, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical), Chemistry, Forestry, Mathematics and Statistics, and Biological Sciences   participate in the Centre's activities.

The Centre organises annual workshops and occasional seminars. It co-ordinates visits of wood scientists and technologists to the University.

The Centre has links and collaborative projects with both international and national research institutes. The centre members undertake research projects funded by New Zealand Foundation of Research, Science and Technology and by industry.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Gerry Carrington: Member; University of Otago (Physics)
  • Kelvin Chapman: Senior Fellow; UC, Forestry
  • Roger Keey: Emeritus Professor; UC
  • Tim Langrish: Member; University of Sydney (Chemical Engineering)

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