(COGNITION) Knowledge Management in New Product Development

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Project Abstract

This project explores actual practices of New Zealand industry regarding use of knowledge management (KM) in new product development (NPD). Research questions include: How can people be encouraged to share their knowledge? Which practices do employees prefer to access knowledge? Which parts of organisational culture are beneficial (harmful)? How can prior knowledge be accessed during projects?
Status: This work was done as a Masters project by Mr Volker Wochele, who has submitted his thesis and graduated, see electronic copy here http://hdl.handle.net/10092/5212. Journal Paper: not yet available.   Implications for practitioners:  It  was found that all NPD companies used codification and personalization KM strategies to store knowledge and to make it accessible. However, a tendency towards a stronger emphasis on personalization was found.  Particular  knowledge  sharing  encouragements  were  identified  that  could  result  in  a  higher willingness of engineers to share their knowledge; supporting a commu

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