Improved Management of the Rock Fall Hazard at the Base of Highwalls

Status: Current

Māori Relevant Content: No

Project Abstract

One of the issues both mining companies and infrastructure managers (road and rail) are facing at the moment is that the phenomenon of rock fall is poorly understood and not adequately addressed in a rigorous engineering
manner. For the mining sector, this project proposes to address this point by achieving two main objectives:
 - Increase the current knowledge and understanding of rock fall hazard in a mining environment. Fundamental
characteristics of rock falls such as run-out distances, velocities and block volume will be analysed for different
scenarios in order to complete existing database.
 - Analyse the residual hazard associated with the most commonly used protective solutions (netting, portal,
bunds) and establish a set of recommendations to optimize the rockfall protection system.

Researchers - UC Staff

  • Cedric Gerald Lambert: Principal Investigator; Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • John Carter: Associate Investigator; University of Newcastle
  • Anna Giacomini: Principal Investigator; University of Newcastle
  • Scott Sloan: Associate Investigator; University of Newcastle

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