Model-Based Therapeutics

Status: Current

Māori Relevant Content: Yes


  • Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (NZ Science & Technology Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme)

Project Abstract

This research uses computer models of human physiology at the clinical bedside to improve diagnosis and therapy. Main focus areas are in Critical and Acute Care, as well as diabetes in the general population. Specific project areas include:

1. Metabolic Systems - diagnosis of type 2 diabetes (T2DM), glycemic control in critical care and acute wards in-hospital, treatment of T2DM
2. Cardiovascular Systems - diagnosis of cardiac dysfunction using model-based methods in the intensive care unit (ICU)
3. Lung Mechanics - optimisation of mechanical ventilation in the ICU
4. Sedation-Agitation - management of patient agitation via model-based sedation delivery
5. Patient Logistics / Dynamics - management of patient-flow and scheduling as a dynamic stochastic system

The overall goal is to improve care, reduce mortality and to do so at reduced cost using existing sensors and therapies.

Primary applications are with colleagues in the ICU in Christchurch; Liege, Belgium; Aalborg, Denmark; and the USA.

Researchers - UC Staff

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • Jessica Lin: Associate Investigator; University of Otago Christchurch
  • Geoffrey Shaw: Associate Investigator; Christchurch Hospital

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