(ORGANISATIONS) High Reliability Organisations

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Project Abstract

This research seeks to better understand the way human error arises in high reliability organisations (HROs), and the contribution of organisational behaviour, particularly culture, to failure. This is worth doing because adding operational processes is an insufficient defence against human errors. Successful work in this area will have implications for practitioners in HROs by providing guidance on how to minimise quality-failures in  organisational outcomes. Examples include aviation, medicine, and safety-critical manufacturing.
This research is positioned at the intersection of production economics, production processes, management style, health & safety, (worker) organisational  culture, risk & reliability, quality, human error, and decision-making.

The research is currently at an early stage and we have developed tentative conceptual models of several of the main effects and the causal relationships. Now we seek to explore actual practice in real organisations, to further define our theoretical models. Therefore we seek organisations, industries, and industry sectors with which to partner for research purposes. Interested organisations are invited to contact the Principal Researcher.

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