Community and Isolation, a Social and Contemporary History of Leprosy in the South Pacific

Status: Current

Dates: 2008 - Start

Māori Relevant Content: Yes


  • Royal Society of New Zealand (Marsden Fund)

Project Abstract

The goal of this research is to provide an historical analysis of the official quarantine of leprosy patients on Makogai Island, Fiji, the experience of those patients during and after leaving Makogai and the role of leprosy in forging new and ongoing connections between New Zealand And the Pacific Islands.

Researchers - UC Staff

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • Raeburn Lange: Associate Investigator; Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, UC
  • Dorothy McMenamin: Other; Pacficic Leprosy Project
  • Robert Nicole: Research Assistant; Pacific Leprosy Project

Subject Area: Disciplines