(PROFESSION) Engineering ethics

Status: Current

Māori Relevant Content: No

Project Abstract

This programme of work has several streams:
(1) Produce a text book, for teaching purposes. [Done]. This book was developed by investigating the different perspectives on ethics, by discussion with practising engineers, and from feedback in delivering courses for IPENZ. A copy of the book is available for evaluative purposes at the link below.
(2) Research what practising engineers say about ethics. This uses survey methods. [Underway]
(3) Contribute the development of IPENZ Code of Ethical Conduct as a reviewer. [Done]
(4) Research various facets of engineering ethics. For example, we have surveyed engineers about what they treat as 'confidential information'. [Ongoing]
(5) Future projects. There are many sub-topics within ethics, and these may interest a mature student who is interested in postgraduate study.

Researchers - UC Staff

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