(MANUFACTURING) Service Quality in Manufacturing

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Project Abstract

The purpose of this research is to examine the actual practices of New Zealand firms for service quality, with a particular focus on the product-manufacturing industry.

The tangible output for the manufacturing industries is a physical product. That is the billable product that they sell. However, even then service quality is important, because it includes sensitivity to customer needs, dealing with defective  product, and maintenance. Also, adding service can be a strategic way for firms to add value to the customer, and grow to their business in a competitive market. For firms that cannot compete on production cost alone, adding better customer service has the potential to be a competitive advantage.

We wish to identify the extent to which awareness of service quality permeates through organisations, and identify critical factors for successful (failed) service quality.

We are seeking partnering manufacturing firms to host a Researcher for one week (no cost) for a benchmarking study. Please contact the Principal Investigator for details.

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