Ideas, Beliefs, and Identity. Spanish History through Philosophy (working title)

Status: Current

Māori Relevant Content: No

Project Abstract

The aim of this project is to explore Spanish History since the turning point of 1898 until the present day. It argues that the key to understanding the key events which have shaped and are still shaping Spanish history is to analyse three core and recurrent themes: Ideas, Beliefs, and Identity. In order to do this, this book will discuss the role that the philosophical positions of various thinkers, such as Unamuno, Ortega, Zambrano, Aranguren, and Savater, to mention but a few, has had shaping the Ideas, Believes, and Identity which drive Spanish history, not least because one of the traits of Spanish philosophy is the presence of a moral responsibility to get involved -either directly or indirectly- in socio-political discussions. To this end, this book will offer translations into English of some of their most representative texts, which will be analysed in reference to the historical moment they were written.

Researchers - UC Staff

  • Beatriz Caballero Rodriguez: Principal Investigator; Spanish

Subject Area: Disciplines