Moving away from violence: women who have ignited change

Status: Current

Māori Relevant Content: Yes


  • Lottery Grants Board (Lottery Health Research)

Project Abstract

A) To understand the decision-making process for women in addressing violence in their relationships and to develop an empowerment resource that is useful for other women in similar situations.

Research Questions:
1) What is the turning point for women in order to move away from domestic violence?
2) Is this a gradual process involving a number of separations?
3) What role do social services have in assisting women to make changes?
4) How are children supported during the process of change?
5) What have been the helpful responses for women in addressing violence in the home?
6) What have been the not so helpful responses to the violence experienced at home?
7) What skills and strategies did women use in order to address violence at home?
8) How can best practice approaches be informed by women’s experience?

B) To build collaborative relationships between the Christchurch Women's Refuge, the Family Help Trust and Te Awatea Violence Research Centre for the purpose of enhancing the community's capacity to respond to family violence. The research will involve personnel from the three organisations and the shared learning offers an opportunity to enhance community capacity and capability in responding to family violence.

Researchers - UC Staff

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