Mass Flow of Polar Glaciers and Snow Properties in Greenland and Antarctic Key Regions Using L-Band SAR

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In this study we investigate selected cryospheric polar key regions of outflow glaciers in order to validate model predictions as well as improve methods for spaceborne accumulation measurements, which is needed as numerical ice sheet model input. Surface motion is combined with ice thickness measurements or estimations to obtain the ice flux. Investigations areas for Greenland are Storstroemmen glacier and 79° glacier. Investigations areas for Antarctica are outflow glaciers on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula flowing to the former or still existing parts of the Larsen Ice Shelf, and prominent outlet glaciers in Dronning Maud such as Jutulstraumen ice stream. We expect to obtain the change in ice flow dynamics for the specified key regions by highly accurate INSAR methods since the period of the ERS-1 three day repeat pass mission and the ERS-1/2 Tandem mission during the 1990’s.

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