(PHYSICS) Foundational Mechanics at the level of fundamental physics: Design of non-local hidden-variable (NLHV) solutions

Status: Current

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Project Abstract

Purpose:  This project seeks to explain force, matter, energy, space, and time at the next deeper level of mechanics. This from the perspective of physical realism, as opposed to metaphysics or the Copenhagen perspective.
Method: A novel approach is taken to the development of theory for foundational physics. This involves the principles of systems engineering (SE) and engineering design (ED). The SE approach involves accepting empirical phenomena as output behaviour, and then attempting to determine the inner functionality that is necessary and sufficient to explain those outputs. Where necessary ED methods are used to creatively generate new candidate solutions for evaluation.  
Findings: It is shown that a specific design of particle, involving internal structures, explains many complex foundational problems in physics. A  specific design emerges, being a type of non-local hidden-variable (NLHV) solution with discrete fields, and this is called the Cordus theory. The development of this theory, and its

Researchers - UC Staff

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