Professional learning through reflection promoted by feedback and coaching (PROFLEC)

Status: Current

Dates: 2014 - Start

Māori Relevant Content: No

Project Abstract

PROFLEC is a one year pilot research project being conducted in 2014 on the professional learning of school leaders. It involves 10 countries in partnership with the European Commission and is led by Professor Stephan Huber from the University of Teacher Education, Zug, Switzerland. The 10 countries are Switzerland, Cyprus, Spain, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, the USA and Australia. Griffith University, in partnership with the Queensland Educational Leadership Institute (QELi), is part of this project.

The primary objective of this project is to develop needs-oriented programmes which move away from the traditional “one size fits all” models of professional development for school leaders. In doing so, we respond to international research that identifies the significant role of school leaders as key agents of change and improvement in schools and the role that school leaders play in improving and developing schools in order to support students’ learning (Huber & Muijs, 2010). Aspiring school leaders therefore need to develop the competencies required to improve teaching and learning processes for the sake of student learning. While there is some knowledge base regarding components of continuous professional development such as course formats, coaching and shadowing or internships, the knowledge about the impact of self-assessments internationally is scarce.

Our particular research interest lies in the use of a self-assessment inventory as stimulus for feedback-informed group coaching integrated as part of continuous professional learning of school leaders. The feedback provided helps the participants to identify their individual strengths as well as a platform for suggested areas for improvement. This will set the agenda for group coaching activities. The group coaching activities, in turn, are expected to promote reflection and personal leadership development focused on improving the participants’ motivation and competencies in relation to their leadership improvement agenda.  There is also the potential for further collaboration with these international partners.

Uni of Canty is via adjunct role with Griffith University

Researchers - UC Staff

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • Neil Dempster: Associate Investigator; Griffith University
  • Beverley Fluckiger: Principal Investigator; Griffith University
  • Ellen Goldring: Other; Vanderbilt Peabody College
  • Stephan Huber: Principal Investigator; University of Zug
  • Greer Johnson: Associate Investigator; Griffith University
  • Julian Lopez-Yanez: Associate Investigator; University of Seville
  • Leif Moos: Principal Investigator; Aarhus University
  • Maria Nicolaidou: Principal Investigator; Center for Educational Research & Evaluation, Cyprus
  • Guri Skedsmo: Associate Investigator; University of Oslo/University of Zug
  • Monika Tornsen: Principal Investigator; University of Umea
  • Mel West: Principal Investigator; Manchester University

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