Industrial Health and safety

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Project Abstract

Project A - Industrial ergonomics
Using biomechanics motion capture systems, observe workers in industry. Evaluate ergonomics and risks for H&S.

Project B - Psychological state of mind
A significant cause of health and safety (H&S) incidents are operators who perform actions that are contrary to what they know they should do. This is termed ‘violation’ of procedures, and is considered a type of human error. Existing H&S systems for manufactured products, plant & equipment focus on eliminating hazards as far as practicable at design time, providing operators with personal protective equipment (PPE) and specify operating procedures for operators to follow. However the efficacy of these preventative actions would appear to be saturated, as seen in persistent residual rates of accidents of which a large proportion may be attributed to violations. NEED- There is a need to better understand the underlying 'state of mind' when operators violate safety procedures. It is clear that operators sometimes deliberate

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