Void formation in bobbin friction stir welding (BFSW)

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Project Abstract

This programme seeks to determine the defect and void formation process for bobbin friction stir welding (BFSW). There are a number of projects, each of which is a separate thesis topic. This has been a particularly productive area for research and publications. Interested students are welcome to contact me.

[1] Process parameters - we have worked out which tool features and process settings to use for aluminium 6082-T6. This work was done by Dr Kamil Sued for his PhD. We are open to  having another project in this area. Involves DoE, production engineering, and experimentation.

[2] Microstructure of the weld - we now know how to etch 6082-T6, and how the internal flow affects the microstructure. This work has been done by Abbas Tamadon for a PhD thesis. We are open to  having another project in this area.  Involves materials science.
and many more

[3] Internal flow features. We have worked out a qualitative description of the flow. This now needs a numerical model to be developed using CFD and FEA. Interested?

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