Anzac Neighbours Project

Status: Completed

Dates: 2003 - 2006

Māori Relevant Content: No


  • Royal Society of New Zealand (Marsden Fund, 2003 - 2006)

Project Abstract

The project set out to rediscover the region once called Australasia. It aimed to explore the New Zealand-Australia relationship on multiple levels – political, intellectual, cultural, social, and economic – from the 1880s to the present.

The Anzac Neighbours project was designed to address the gap in knowledge that most affects the quality of trans-Tasman relations and their history. The most obvious gap concerns the nature and extent of Australia-New Zealand connections across the twentieth century, since the shared 'state experiments' of 100 years ago and the parallel creation of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Anzac Neighbours project led to the creation of the New Zealand Australia Research Centre (NZARC) and the book 'Remaking the Tasman World' by Mein Smith and Hempenstall (2008).

Researchers - UC Staff

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • Rosemary Baird: Other; Former UC MA student
  • Angela Findlay: Other; Former UC PhD student
  • Shaun Goldfinch: Associate Investigator; University of Otago
  • Peter Hempenstall: Principal Investigator; UC (retired)
  • Stuart McMillan: Associate Investigator; Sub-contractor

Subject Area: Disciplines