Why some people enter entrepreneurship while others not? An investigation of cognitive styles, mindsets and discovery behaviours on individuals entrepreneurial intentions

Status: Completed

Dates: 2018 - 2019

Māori Relevant Content: No

Project Abstract

Entrepreneurial intention refers to a person's desire to start a business. According to the theory of planned behaviour, entrepreneurial intention is a critical indicator of venture creation behaviour, which leads to the founding of an organization (Krueger, Reilly, & Carsrud, 2000). A considerable body of literature has addressed the concept of entrepreneurial intention and researchers have developed models to explain why some people choose to start their own businesses while others do not. Early research mainly focused on the trait approach, which in grounded in a view that personalities (e.g., risk taking and need for achievement) stimulate entrepreneurial tendencies. As the trait approach failed to distinguish the uniqueness of the entrepreneurial process, researchers shifted to the cognitive and behavioural approach to further understand entrepreneurship (Mitchell, Busenitz, Lant, McDougassl, Morse, Smith 2002). The cognitive and behavioural perspectives concern perception, mindset and behaviour to expla

Researchers - UC Staff

Subject Area: Disciplines