EU changing global perceptions post-Brexit referendum

Status: Completed

Dates: 2018 - 2020

Māori Relevant Content: No


  • European Commission (Jean Monnet Programme - Lifelong Learning Programme, 2018 - 2020)

Project Abstract

The project brings together researchers that conceptualize and measure EU perceptions in the strategic regions around the world in the aftermath of the UK referendum. Researchers assess the evolution of EU perceptions in each location and discuss how their findings may contribute to crafting foreign policy options for the “new EU-27”.

Brexit is very likely to have a substantial bearing on EU external policy, not merely because of the loss of a major member state with a special relationship to the US and the Commonwealth, but also because it tarnishes the integrational success story that the EU strives to embody. This project thus serves a dual purpose: on the one hand it broadens the recent studies on Brexit by focusing on external partners’ reactions, and on the other it allows for an innovative evaluation of policy options for EU foreign policy. Based on a solid theoretical foundation and empirically rich data, it constitutes an innovative and timely addition to the evolving debate on Brexit and its cons

Researchers - UC Staff

Subject Area: Disciplines