Autistic co-led autism research priorities for Aotearoa New Zealand: the perspectives of Autistic young people

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Project Abstract

This research project aims to find out what the Autistic and autism communities think future autism research should focus on.

We have collected the opinions of lots of people in the Autistic and autism communities. We think that the opinions of children and young people are also an important part of this. So we asked young people on the autism spectrum (including those who identify as Asperger’s), aged between 8 and 18 years, their opinions about autism research.

We have now completed our data collection. Thank you to all of those young Autistic people who took part.

We have analysed the data, and are now consulting with our advisory groups on the final report. We will share the findings with the community in June 2022.

The research team are working on this project with a group of Autistic people, and a group who support Autistic people. These groups will use the opinions from this project to make a list of important questions for autism research to answer.

The project team includes non-autistic and Autistic researchers from the University of Canterbury and Autism New Zealand. You can read more about this project here:

If you have any questions about the research, you can email the lead researcher: Lisa Marie Emerson -

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  • Larah van der Meer: Associate Investigator; Autism New Zealand

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