“When does Digital Technology Benefit Us?” Performance Implications of Pursuing Innovations Based on Digital Technologies

Status: Current

Dates: 2021 - 2022

Māori Relevant Content: No

Project Abstract

In this paper we investigate whether the pursuit of product/service innovations based on digital technologies has an impact on firm performance, and how the performance implications are contingent on firm resources and capabilities. We draw upon the uncertainty theory of entrepreneurial processes to develop testable hypotheses. Using a mixed methods approach that combines content analysis of interviews and surveys conducted in two phases, we found that firm sales positively moderates the influence of pursuing innovations based on digital artifacts on firm performance, while entrepreneurial alertness enhances the positive effect of pursuing innovations based on digital infrastructures. Together these findings contribute to the literature of digital innovation and digital entrepreneurship.

Researchers - UC Staff

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • Waifong Boh: Principal Investigator; Nanyang Technological University
  • Yingzhu Fu: Principal Investigator; Central South University

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