New Disarmament Momentum

Status: Current

Māori Relevant Content: No

Project Abstract

This project, which brings together scholars from Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand and the USA, explores the new momentum towards nuclear disarmament. The first phase of the research was completed in November 2009, and is being published in a special issue of the Nonproliferation Review (the leading peer-reviewed journal in the field, edited by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, University of California, and published by Routledge). It will be launched at a Routledge reception at the 2010 International Studies Association Convention in New Orleans in February 2010. The second phase of the project is currently in progress  - we are in the process of raising external funding for a project meeting on the sidelines of the 2010 Review Conference of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in New York in May 2010. Our plan is to publish the second phase of our research in an edited volume.

Researchers - UC Staff

  • Tanya Ogilvie-White: Principal Investigator; Political Science and International Relations

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • Rodrigo Alvarez: Associate Investigator; FLACSO-Chile
  • Natasha Barnes: Associate Investigator; University of Canterbury
  • Marianne Hanson: Associate Investigator; University of Queensland
  • Wade Huntley: Associate Investigator; U.S. Naval Postgraduate School
  • Maria Rost-Rublee: Associate Investigator; University of Auckland
  • David Santoro: Principal Investigator; University of British Columbia

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