(INDUSTRY PROBLEM SOLVING) Design of Novel ICE Power Plant: Engine Characteristics

Status: Current

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Project Abstract

OBJECTIVES: This project is modelling the engine performance  of a novel internal combustion engine (ICE), one where the combustion chambers themselves rotate with the output shaft. A prototype has been built and the concept proven to work. The objectives are: develop a simulation model for power & torque, taking into account the unusual physical characteristics of the engine, and assuming a 2 stroke design; calibrate the model against test data; simulate and optimise other configurations including a 4 stroke design; identify design implications for the next generation of engine. Simulation uses  Ricardo software.

STATUS: This project is underway and is being undertaken by a Masters student.

FUTURE WORK: There may be future phases to the project in 2013 and beyond, depending on the results of this first analysis. Future projects might look at optimisation of the mechanical design (e.g. extended FBD, physical dynamics, FEA) and perhaps more Ricardo modelling. (Expressions of interest from prospective postgraduate students are welcome but please be advised that there is no certainty of scholarship funding for this project)

Researchers - UC Staff

Researchers - Non-UC Staff

  • Lindsay Muir: Postgraduate student; UC

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