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Brendon Bradley: Civil and Natural Resources Engineering; QuakeCore

Seismic hazard analysis and ground motion prediction; Seismic risk and loss analysis and performance-based earthquake engineering; Structural and geotechnical earthquake engineering; Application of probability and statistics in Civil Engineering; Earthquake research

Alessandro Palermo: Civil and Natural Resources Engineering; QuakeCore

Bridge Engineering; Precast concrete buildings; Post-tensioned timber buildings; Seismic resistant low-damage technologies; Seismic interaction of non-structural components; Multi-hazard life-time seismic performance of concrete structures; Innovative structural shapes and materials

Gregory MacRae: Civil and Natural Resources Engineering; QuakeCore

Steel/Composite Structures; Earthquake Engineering; Structural Dynamics; Loss Estimation; Low Damage Construction; Communicating Risk

Roeline Gerarda Kuijer: Psychology

Health psychology; Couples adapting to stressful circumstances (serious illness, earthquakes); Self-regulation and health behaviour (particularly in the eating domain)

Andy Buchanan: Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Earthquake engineering; Fire engineering; Timber engineering

Eileen Britt: Psychology; School of Health Sciences

Training and Clinical supervision; Health behaviour change, especially diabetes; Motivational interviewing; Psychological impacts of the Canterbury earthquakes; Bicultural practice and teaching

Bruce Deam: Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

Computer modelling; Earthquake engineering; Structural dynamics; Timber engineering

Simon Kemp: Psychology

Economic psychology; History of psychology; Memory; Earthquake research

Annie Potts: English; School of Humanities and Creative Arts

Representations of animals and birds in fiction, film, TV, art and pop culture; Critiques of biomedicalization; Human-Animal Studies; Gender, sexuality and embodiment; Vegetarian subcultural identities; Animals and natural disasters (especially the Christchurch earthquakes); Popular music studies (particularly the music of Prince); The 'link' between social violence and animal abuse; Critical psychology and discourse analysis; Critiques of sexology, therapy and psychoanalysis; Horror, psychological thriller and crime genres in fiction and film

John James Vargo: Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

Computing & information systems; E-business systems & security; Organisational risk management & continuity planning; Earthquake research; Organisational Resilience in the face of natural and man-made hazards
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