Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre)

Research Group Summary

The EPECentre is New Zealand’s Centre of Excellence for electric power engineering, established in 2002 as a joint initiative between the electricity industry and the University of Canterbury. It acts as a link between the electricity industry and academia, and has three core areas of operation: Research & Innovation, Industry-Academia collaboration and Education.
It currently has over 30 industry partners through the Power Engineering Excellence Trust (PEET) and ongoing research projects, as well as a network of over 700 industry and research contacts, both local and international. The EPECentre employs high calibre researchers, engineers and support staff in management, technical and educational roles to achieve its objectives.
The EPECentre is funded by the New Zealand electricity industry via PEET, research funders (government and industry), and consultancy work.
Power Engineering Excellence Trust (PEET): A unique partnership between the Power industry and the University of Canterbury. PEET is a charitable trust established in 2002, with industry members representative of the various sectors of the industry, including generation, transmission, distribution, contracting, consulting and manufacturing. Its mission is to promote and support the education of power engineers and the study of power engineering as a field of excellence in New Zealand.

Key Contact

Members - UC Staff

Members - Non-UC Staff

  • Peter Berry: Chairman, PEET&EPECentre Board; EEA, Power Engineering Excellence Trust
  • John Clarke: Transmission Sector Rep, PEET&EPECentre Board; Transpower, Power Engineering Excellence Trust
  • Wade Grant Enright: Former EPECentre R&D Engineer; Viva
  • Robert Ferris: Contracting Sector Rep, PEET&EPECentre Board; Electrix, Power Engineering Excellence Trust
  • Richard Griffiths: Generation Sector Rep, PEET&EPECentre Board; Meridian, Power Engineering Excellence Trust
  • Joseph Lawrence: Former EPECentre Director; Deakin University
  • Sean McCready: Executive Advisor to PEET&EPECentre Board; Enable, Power Engineering Excellence Trust
  • Allan Miller: Adjunct Associate Professor, Former EPECentre Director; Allan Miller Consulting
  • Shreejan Pandey: Former EPECentre Manager; Monash University
  • Craig Price: Consulting Sector Rep, PEET&EPECentre Board; Beca, Power Engineering Excellence Trust
  • David Santos-Martin: Former EPECentre R&D Engineer; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Tas Scott: Distribution Sector Rep, PEET&EPECentre Board; Mitton Electronet, Power Engineering Excellence Trust
  • Keith Turner: EPECentre Founder; EPECentre

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